Stimplus Pro Product Details

Locate and treat acupoints with confidence!

The Stimplus Pro with differential amplifier has attained legendary status as a lightweight, comfortable and effective tool for treating acupoints on both the body and the ear. And now, the newest generation offers best-ever accuracy and reliability.

Precise, electronic point location, aided by both audio and visual feedback, ensures pinpoint accuracy in treatment. The user-selectable treatment modes provide the most popular and effective treatment settings.

Auriculotherapy Excellence

As a tool for auriculotherapy treatment, the Stimplus Pro is unequaled. Its comfortable design, light weight and correct shape make it the go-to solution for quickly locating and treating auricular points.

Light, curved and precise.

The Stimplus Pro provides exact point location and microcurrent treatment.

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Stimplus 103f Switches
Stimplus Pro 103f Details

Top-shelf Features:

  • Audio and visual acupoint and auriculo point detection indicator
  • Audio and visual treatment intensity indicator
  • 18 intensity levels for effective, comfortable stimulation
  • 3 stimulation frequencies: 13 Hz, 16 Hz, and 19 Hz (Stimplus) or 5 Hz, 10 Hz, and 20 Hz (Stimplus Pro)
  • Earphone included for silent use
  • Grounding wrist strap included (Stimplus Pro Only)
  • Extremely lightweight, compact design is comfortable and user friendly
  • Well-designed, accessible controls are always at your fingertips
  • Long-lasting lithium batteries are included
  • FDA 510K Registered K041359
  • One year replacement warranty covers parts and labor
  • Popular Differential Amplifier for enhanced results

What's Included?

Stimplus Pro Point Locator and Stimulator:

  • Stimplus Pro with Differential Amplifier
  • "Instructions for Use" Manual
  • Auriculotherpay Tip for Easy Ear Use.
  • Soft Protective Carry Case
  • Earphone for silent use
  • Grounding Wrist Strap
  • Long-lasting Lithium Batteries
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